Monday, November 3, 2008

Jamaica Spa Week: A creative idea

In the world today creativity seems to exist in droves but this is not the case as it takes business acumen and a certain expertise to shape and materialize creative ideas into profitable ventures. Fortunately for us, Leighton Davis and Garth Walker are two such talented individuals who know how to transform mere ideas not only into helpful ventures but also into hard cash.
It is for this reason that they formed Creative Media & Events Limited to help create innovative events and promotions for their clients by working closely with major corporate companies on promoting their brands to the 18-35 age groups.
Their company specializes in corporate and private functions such as “Life's Best Kept Secret:” a high caliber launch they recently did for Guardian Life which created quite a stir in the media as everything about it was kept secret until the actual day of the event.
The organization also creates full media support by way of TV ads, graphic design, radio jingles, etc. and what sets them apart is the way in which they use their own expertise to assist their clients by conceptualizing new and different ways to appeal to the right market. It is out of this innovative culture that Jamaica Spa Week came about to help the nation’s spa industry gain recognition as well as to educate the public about wellness and its benefits.
During this week, Creative Media & Events will carry out an intense promotional campaign for the spas by working in tandem with the media, while in return the spas involved lower their prices for a week. It has been highly successful so far and the second staging which begins on the 31st of October to November 8, 2008 will also be equally impressive with new sponsors like Bailey’s and Honey Bun on board.
It is now obvious that whatever the occasion, Creative Media & Events can always ensure a rewarding experience for both event attendees and event planners as they have already made quite a name for themselves in the business.

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