Monday, January 19, 2009

Great things to come...

Hi Everyone,

This may be a bit late but Creative Media & Events would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2009. We have a number of innovative and exciting projects in the pipelines which will change the face of marketing and event planning in Jamaica so stay tuned! Here are a few of the things we have in store:

  • WEALTH magazine
  • Jamaica Spa Week
  • Jamaica Bar Week
and a host of others. Remember to keep CME in mind if you need help with:

  • Event planning & management
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Brand building & promotion
  • Artiste management
You can get in touch with us at :

Email: or (Telephone) 876-925-4104 / 876-755-5863
(Fax) 876-755-0159

so we can help you get what you want brought to life.

Happy New Year !!!

What is WEALTH magazine?

Wealth is a finance and lifestyle magazine which is entirely Jamaican; all writers, businesses and personalities featured in the magazine are Jamaican and it is also published and distributed exclusively by Creative Media & Events which is located in Kingston, Jamaica. The primary focus of the magazine is to provide factual, concise and comprehensible information to the general and business populace as well as to offer advertisers an opportunity to reach potential customers through a well-designed publication.

Editoral mission:
Wealth magazine is a sophisticated quarterly feature which shows Jamaica from a primarily financial perspective with a hint of Jamaican lifestyle entwined. It is replete with objective, interesting and enlightening facts regarding the personalities, events and industries that impact heavily on the Jamaican business sector; as well as the aspects of business and /or lifestyle that foster the growth of wealth.
It is attractively assembled into a minimum of 32 pages and provides a smart way to advertise your services, products and events to an extensive catalog of Jamaica’s most influential businesses and entrepreneurs. Five Thousand copies of each issue are printed and distributed to specifically targeted entrepreneurs; organizations etc. by Creative Media & Events Limited.
The first issue “Fact or Fiction?” will debut in February, 2009; it features the six (6) investors behind the new and exciting night club Fiction which is located at the Marketplace on Constant Spring Road.